Design, Align & Achieve

We are In-Align and Partners., established and operating in the USA and now in the UK and the rest of Europe. In-Align and partners have over 15 years’ experience providing high-quality 3D orthodontic treatment solutions, using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology for today’s busy orthodontist. Our team is made up of proven professionals who go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience.

In-Align has made a breakthrough in technology and has halved the treatment time over conventional aligners.

Our Aligners

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Standard Aligners

1050000 plus cases

Typical 22 hour wear time with aligner changes every 14 days. Fabricated using traditional Aligner material.

Premium Aligners

22000 plus cases

22 hour wear time with aligner changes only every 7 days. Fabricated using our own proprietory aligner material.

Night Aligners

8000 plus cases

10 hour wear time with aligner changes every 14 days or when passive. Fabricated using our own proprietory aligner material.

Night Retainers

7000 plus cases

Fabricated using our own 1mm proprietary material and only requires to be worn for 10 hours at night.

What we do

In-Align works with dental/orthodontic laboratories, dentists/ Orthodontists and dental practices to set up or optimize their clear aligner workflow.

We offer bespoke services for every business model if you want to start your own aligner business without the outlay. Are you a large or small laboratory, wanting to expand your business without the expense, a direct to consumer company or a dental practice with a preferred treatment choice, we can design a plan just for you.

  • Excellent software for both the Doctor and the direct to consumer market.
  • Adaptable portal for the Orthodontist and General Dentist
  • Clear Aligners with or without attachments and IPR.
  • We can support the Orthodontist with their treatment plan and we can also design the treatment for the General Dentist with complete instructions.